Due to Sheikh Ahmad Qomi's position, as that of a wealth merchant, he occasionally visited the Royal Palace of King Somdej Phra Egatosarote (King Naresuan the Great had died by this time), to request some favourable grants or concessions for his trade and followers. It was only natural, therefore, that during these visits, he made contacts and established certain friendly and mutually beneficial social and economical relationships with the courtiers of the palace. One such courtier was, by name, Chamuen Sorasakti. He was an amiable, well spoken lad well versed in the courtly arts of political manoeuvring and, as it turned out, a helpful and devoted friend of Sheikh Ahmad Qomi.

The significant point is that Chamuen Sorasakti had been a former page to Prince Sri Silp before the latter entered the priesthood with the ecclesiastical title of Phra Pimol Dhum of Wat Rahang.

It should be mentioned at this point that the ambitions of various major and minor princes led to their conspiring to usurp the crown. This made the monarchy somewhat weak and unstable, especially after the death of King Egatosarote Sheikh Ahmad Qomi, a shrewd observer of the political manoeuvring going on at that time, stood clear of any direct involvement and could have lived out his life as a wealthy merchant, bringing the light of Islam to Siam. Such was not be, however, for it appears that it was Allah's wish that Sheikh Ahmad Qomi play a much more prominent and important role in the future of Siam.

On the death of King Egatosarote, his eldest son succeeded to the throne as King Somdej Chao Fah Saowapark, but the political intriques surfaced. He proved to be too weak and ineffectual and incapable of handling the situation of Machiavellian court tatics, and was in the end, assassinated. His younger brother attempted to reign but was quickly disposed of.


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