Tunn Chuen, Sheikh Ahmad Qomi's son, had been a courtier in King Somdej Phra Chao Song Dhum's reign and then successed his father in the reign of King Narai the Great. He initially received the title of Phya Boworn Chetra Bhakdi, and later was raised to the title of Chao Phya Apai Raja, and held the highest rank of office during this time; Principal Minister of Civil Affairs (North) and Chao Khun Kromma Tha. He maintained these position right through the reign of King Narai the Great. At the age of seventy Chao Phya Apai Raja passed away.

It is important to mention here the adverse influence Constantine Phaulkon, a greek adventurer, had on the diplomatic relations of Siam with the West. Though intially Siam profited from his endeavours, his conversion to Roman Catholicism by the French (who came to Siam in 1663) and his blatant attempt to convert King Narai the Great, incited a revolt in which Phaulkon was executed and most Eupopeans were driven from the country. Henceforth foreign contact was minimized but Tunn Chuen accepted his father's bequest and as such Siam's policy, which lasted until the middle of the nineteenth century, little affected the descendants of Sheikh Ahmad Qomi.

Little more be said of Tunn Chuen except that he carried out the duries of his officers as his father would have wished. His real importance lies in his begetting two children, one who begot Jai, who occasioned the next major occurance in the evolution of Sheikh Ahmad Qomi's family Tree.

Tunn Chuen had two children. The elder child, a daughter named Luen, became the Consort of King Narai the Great. She had one daughter by him, Phra Ong Chao Ying - Princess Saeng Chandr.

The son, his named Somboon, who succeeded his father became Chao Phya Chamnarn Bhakdi in the reign of King Narai the Great.

We wish to digress for a moment by mentioning that Mohamudh Said, Sheikh Ahmad Qomi's brother, due to family concerns and certain amount of home sickness, had departed from Siam for good some years earlier. He had taken with him a prize souvenir - a son Agha Mohamudh. Just before Said died, he told his son about his mother and his family relations back in Krung Sri Ayudhya, in Siam. After Mohamudh Said passed away, Agha Mohamudh returned to Krung Sri Ayudhya. He lived with his first cousin Chao Phya Apai Raja (Chuen), who handed over Mohamudh Said's share of the family fortune. Tunn Chuen then presented Agha Mohamudh to King Narai the Great who bestowed on Agha Mohamudh the title of Phya Sri Naowaratr.

Later on, of major significance hre, Chao Phya Apai Raja (Chuen) asked permission of King Narai the Great to grant Tunn Chi, the daughter of Sheikh Ahmad Qomi and thus Tunn Chuen's sister to leave the royal palace and become a commoner. She had been a consort of King Somdej Phra Chao Prasart Thong, but was childless. The King granted permission. Thus Tunn Chuen played host to Agha Mohamudh and Tunn Chi. It came to pass, propinquity playing its part, that Phya Sri Naowaratr (Agha Mohamudh) married Tunn Chi. They had two sons, the younger of whom, Named Keaow, became the second Phya Chula Rajmontri, Leader of the Muslim Community in Siam, and the successor to Sheikh Ahmad Qomi, in the time of King Narai the Great.

The elder son, named Yee was besowed the title of Chao Phya Srisai Harn Narong in the reign of King Narai the Great. Yee's son named Sonn, became the third Phya Chula Rajmontri (Leader of the Muslim Community in Siam).

In the meantime Phya Sri Nawaratr (Agha Mohamudh) had built a house which was surrounded on three sides by a brick wall. The side facing the canal was left open, and it was known as Kuti Yai. It is in close proximity to Toong Kag, where the majority of the Muslims resided.

The interesting point, which should be mentioned is the influence the Persian language has had on the names of the districts and many places in Krung Sri Ayudhya.

The prefix 'aghayee' and 'Aghayer', before a proper noun, denotes a place or person held in esteem, and is used in a similar manner in the Siamese use of 'Tunn'.

The site of Sheikh Ahmad Qomi's residence, trading post and Kuti Chao Sen (Mosque) is the location of the present day Phra Nakorn Sri Ayudhya Teachers College, and is in front of the river landing known as Taghayee, or Ta Kayee.

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