Jai, the son of Chao Phya Chamnarn Bhakdi (Somboon) was intially a Royal Page of King Somdej Phra Chao Narai the Great, then raised to Phya Petr Pichai in the reign of King Boromma Gotr (1773 - 1758) by the King. According to extracts from archives, on the eighth month of the tenth waning moon, in the year of the Tiger, King Boromma Gotr became seriously ill. Little hope was held for him. He did, however, recover from his illness in the twelveth month. In order to make merit and thanksgiving (to receive benediction from the Buddhist priests and present offerings of food and gifts to them), he decided to go to Mount Phra Buddha Bart (where the sacred Buddha foot - print is located in Saraburi Province).

On this occasion all the senior officials and all members of the Royal Court were to accompany him. The rites were to last for seven days.

During the preliminary arrangements, a list of anybody of any importance was draw up. Jai's name was not included! Needless to say he was displeases and disappointed. He sought and secured an audience with the King and asked why he had been put in disgrace by not being allowed to accompany the King on this occasion. The King pointed out that he was not in disgrace or disfavour, but owing to Jai's nationality and religion, being Persian and a Muslim, he did not feel it proper to have him go on a pilgrimage to the Buddha's Foot print as he was not a Buddhist or a Siamnese. Jai promptly replied that he was more than willing to embrance Buudhism and become a Siamnese. The King immediately consented to have him included in his entourage. Special rites, presided over by His Holiness the Patriarch, were held at Phra Buddha Bart for Jai's acceptance of the Buddhists tenets and the taking of his oath of allegiance to the King. He was then made Chao Phya Petr Pichai. This created even more rejoicing in the merit - making and thanksgiving rites and ceremony. Thus Jai became the first descendant of Sheikh Ahmad Qomi Chao Phya Boworn Rajnayok to become a Siamnese and a Buddhist. It is here that a dicotomy in the descendants of Sheikh Ahmad Qomi occurs: one that has carried on right up to the present. He was also the Commander of the Moor Volunteers as well as the Japanese Volunteer Forces.

Chao Phya Petr Pichai (Jai) had four children, the eldest of whom was a daughter named Keaow. A son Shane, a Muslim, became the fourth Phya Chula Rajmontri, Leader of the Muslim Community in Siam in the reign of King Somdej Phra Chao Egatutr, the last of the Phya Chula Montries of the Ayudhya period. So the leadership of the Muslim Community reverted back to the descendants of Sheikh Ahmad Qomi and away from the descendants of Mohamudh Said, the two brothers who ushered in the Leadership of the Muslim Community in Siam. A son Sane was Phya Maha Sena in the reign of King Somdej Phra Chao Egatutr. The youngest son, Noo, was Chamuen Wai Woranart at the time Krung Sri Ayudhya was sacked by the Burmese. It must be mentioned here that Phya Chula Rajmontri (Shane) was the progenitor of the Ahamudh Chula Family Tree.

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