This book is a genealogical record of the generations of Sheikh Ahmad Qomi's descendants.

Owing to the tragic sacking of Krung Sri Ayudhya in 1767 by the Burmese, practically all records were destroyed and the populace moved elsewhere in the Kingdom of Siam to where they deemed a haven from the enemy. Krung Sri Ayudhya became just another province in Siam, sparsely populated and for more than three quarters of a century dormant. Records and archives of the period are practically non existent. This has been the reason why so many books published have conflicting accounts, dates and even names.

I have endeavoured to put the record straight after a good deal of research. I am greatly indebted to the courteous staff of the National Library and the National Archives Institute. However, the most welcome vital information about Sheikh Ahmad Qomi came from His Excellency Mr. H.R. Mirsa Taheri, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who helped me unsparingly.

I am also grateful to Mom Rajawongse Kukrit Pramoj for an extract from the 'Skeleton in the Cupboard'; Associate Professor Adul Tanprayoon, Lecturer at the Phra Nakorn Sri Ayudhya Teachers College; Khun Prechar Hoosainee, Head of the Finance Department of the Phra Nakorn Sri Ayudhya Teachers College; Khun Siri Tangtrongchitr, Assistant Secretary of the Chao Phya Boworn Rajnayok (Sheikh Ahmad Qomi) Foundation and His Excellency Khun Tej Bunnag, Ambassador to the People's Democratic Republic of China, for their advice as well as the publications they were so kind as to give me.

And lastly but not least I am indebted to Mr. Frank Allen Norel and Khun Vattana Isarabakdi Na Ayudhya for all they have contributed to make this narrative a success.

Oudaya Bhanuwongse

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